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Hey, I can See your Cloaca!

We just received  a very interesting email from David Glunter from New York City.  David tells us he’s a soon to be 7th grader at the Anderson School. David is likely on the path to medical school and sent us a piece of one of his latest projects, this one on Comparative Anatomy. He wrote saying he was also a big fan of Orp and got his Dad one  for Father’s Day.  What a great kid- but how is he earning Orp money?

Anyway, he  made a clever observation in noting the similarity between a chicken (an Orpington , he points out) and the Orp  Smart Horn. Below is the image he sent me.

I just want to point out he grabbed an old Kickstarter image of Orp, I love chickens as well and I’m older so I liked chickens first. Pretty cool though, he put our logo on the page. Thanks David.


Get Cleaned Orp for June 27th!

The World Naked Bike ride is coming up in less than a week and its time to get your Fluffs and Yambags dealt with so the event goes off smoothly – literally.  Or, who cares? Go natural. In either case, it’s probably a good idea to have your Orp ready for the ride because it is  happening at night and we definitely want to keep the incidents of scrambled eggs and ketchup down. This year the Portland ride will start at Colonel Summers Park in SE Portland at 9pm. Just look for the massive group of naked people with bikes. Be There and Be Bare!

062015Pink Templadte ad Portland


A bike shop out of Michigan produced  a multi episode mini series about Orp. Directed by The Wonder Years star, Fred Savage, and starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the story is honest , funny and a bit of a public service announcement.

Ok, I’m fibbing about  the multi episode thing and the A list talent involved, but it’s pretty cool a shop would be so enthusiastic about Orp to make a video. You can see it hear, I mean, here. Thanks guys.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.55.02 AM


Brian Walker Lee takes pictures for Orp site!

Super awesome action sports  and lifestyle photographer Brian Walker Lee shot the images on the Orp site. Brian is hilarious and

a great creative director as well. Thanks Brian!


This is Brian  when he was a  college student. He worked on the engineering team that

did that  bike powered plane, the ICARUS that crossed the English Channel several years ago.

Now he raises Bees and harvests  honey that he  mixes  with urethane to make his  own Skateboard wheels. I think

he calls them HoneySlicks.

Chile Con Carnival

Our distributors in Chile, Maria and Andres, brought Orp to the Mountain Bike Fest in Santiago.

Looks like it was a super fun event and they sent us several images.

Here are a couple:


This Image will not post to the Creativity Center

This incredibly cute image will not reliably show up so here it is.


Orp selected for Large Beer Company’s Trikes

After a comprehensive testing program, we just got word from from a very large beer brewer that Orp is the official Alert Device for the in-Plant  Bikes and Trikes that workers  ride within the facility. We can’t name the Beer company but we can say it may rhyme with Schiller-Doors.


Orp is in Chile!

First we get Columbia. now we’ve gotten into Chile.


040715 Chile Orp Better WC


Orp hits India!

We are super excited to announce Orp is in Mumbai, India, Orp feels very  at home hear, I mean, here.

Check out Ensign Sports Facebook page here.


Move over Godzilla!

We are pleased to announce we have distribution in Japan. Below is an image of a local shop that has Orps. So, get on that Delta or JAL flight and bring back some Green Tea Kit Kats with your Orp!

020514 Orp Japan


The REMORP is the highly anticipated wired remote for Orp that operates both of Orp’s horn sounds.  With Remorp,  you never need to lift a hand to actuate the horn. You can put the REMORP on brake hoods, grips or wherever you want horn activation to be under thumb! A light touch on REMORP’s Bulbous Swelling activates the friendly sound and a little harder press activates the loud sound. REMORP plugs into Orp’s remote port on the right side of your Orp.


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