Orp is in Production!

Thanks for visiting the Orpland site.  As you  may know,  Orp started life as a successful Kickstarter project. A big thank you  goes out to all the backers and pre-orderers.   The big change now is Orps are rolling off the assembly line.
You can literally hear the Orps come to life at the factory as the  sounds are tested. It’s really  pretty fun.
We hope you’ll poke around  and check out Orp’s features  and hit the orange “VISIT THE STORP” button and order  your  Orp.   So, tell your bike riding  and commuting friends  to get an Orp! Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Orp is in Production!

  1. As proud owner of an asphalt ORP which was just delivered!
    great sounds and light, just like all the videos.
    Just one question ,not covered in the packaging graphics: how do you get the clasp open to attach it to the bars?

  2. Hi Tory, I work for a transportation focused environmental group in Northwest New Jersey. My “bike guy” Bill loves the concept of the ORP. This May we are holding our third annual Bike to Work month. I was wondering if you would be interested in donating a ORP or two as weekly rider prizes. We would provide promote the ORP in our “Bike Right” newsletter and the week’s announcement. There are over 900 individuals who receive the newsletter!

  3. We are a packaging design and manufacturing company in Wilsonville, OR. Our team is interested in working with your team to help develop and manufacture packaging for the ORP. I realize it may be a little premature, but I have no doubt that ORP will meet it’s funding goals through the Kickstarter campaign. Please contact me at your convenience.
    Nancy Cowell
    Pack Edge Development
    503-570-1030 Office
    503-860-1796 Cell

  4. I’m looking for a bike horn for more than 2 years ! It’s looking good alltough I would like to have different sounds like a very loud truck or trainhorn of some 150 or 200 db. Cardrivers here in Belgium are not aware of their immoral behaviour towards cyclists. LOUD HORNS SAVES LIVES. Are you looking for a representatif, agent or importer for Europe? I would gladly help you to sell this life-saving horn.
    Hope to hear from you,

    • Great Products.

      It is beauty, simply and easy. Just fit the demands on everday cyclists.
      Light and horn 2 in one desigin is great.

      Chinese cyclist requires ORP. Think! High traffic, busy and noise road in greater China region.

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