Today,  online cycling site, BIKE RUMOR  has caused a tidal wave of REMORP sales
that has wiped out our entire REMORP inventory.  You’ll remember the REMORP with its bulbous swelling is the
dual action remote switch  for the Orp Smart Horn. With the REMORP,  both horns are always under thumb-
no hand lifting is ever needed.  REMORP gives you more control. Orpland  should have more REMORPS 
by the beginning of June.

050715 Bike Rumour Remorp
Bike Rumor Logo horiz

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Turbo Bob, the non stop cycling blogger out of southern California, gives the REMORP a
callused thumbs up in this video review.  Bob, who already likes the Orp, highly recommends
the REMORP. We couldn’t agree more. You can see  Bob’s review  here.
turbo Bob screen shot

Turbo Bob mast head

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Cycling Plus, a cycling site from Sweden on the interwebs
gave a Orp a super positive review. Big thanks to Orp’s distributor MS Sports AB
in Sweden. You can read it in Swedish here.

Cycling Plus Orp Brilliant  Headline2
 Here’s the original Swedish version:
cycling Plus in swedish2

— Daniel Evaldsson , Svenska Cycling Plus

Orp just received a positive review in this German blog.
It’s all in German but I translated it and it’s pretty nice.
Thanks Daniel! You can read it (in German) here.

Header-neu It started with a fight

— Daniel,

Orp gets in Time magazine’s online issue in their
“9 Bicycle Gadgets That Will Keep You Safe In Style” article.
That’s right,  Orp was one of the 9 products!
You can see the arrticle hear, I mean, here.


— John Patrick Pullen, TIME

Orp Central Command just got word that Underwriters Laboratory’s (UL)  Safe Bee Website gave Orp a big  recommendation in it’s  ” 5 Gadgets to Make Biking Safer” post. It’s not only a safe Bee its a smart Bee. Look at those glasses!

safe Bee logo

— Michael Franco, Safe Bee

That’ right, it’s the second time Outside has mentioned Orp in less than a year.
This time Orp gets selected as part of their Perfect Cold Weather Commuting Kit.
Orp is super honored and  and when asked about the notice, Orp made his friendly sound
and blushed (or his  low  Battery indicator  light came on). Thanks Outside!

 You can see the article here.


120814 winter-biking-to-work_h

— Aaron Gulley, Outside Magazine

Editor and Publisher of Bike Portland, Jonathan Maus, had covered Orp during and just after Orp’s
Kickstarter campaign and now he gives  production Orps a real life  review.
The conclusion is Orp is awesome (OK, he didn’t like that Orps trigger wasn’t under thumb so he
mounted it oddly)  and Jonathan even credited Orp’s Loud sound with saving his bacon
on one of his rides.   Just a heads up, Orp’s remote, REMORP, is coming shortly so mounting an Orp ideally will
be  easy and the switch will always be under thumb!

You can read the whole article here


120514 Bike Portlland Tented

— Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland.Org

In the just  hitting newsstands now January 2015 issue of RBA, Orp gets the nod
The  author  goes on to gush positively about Orp.

RBA 01 2015 cover010115 Award Paragraph

— Editor, Road Bike Action

This 3 man team reviews all sorts of high tech (including things like the iPhone 6} 
and this week they did Orp. These guys are very fun.
Of course, my Thai comprehension is limited but it seems pretty positive.
If anyone wants to give me a translsation, email me at
Check it out here.

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Gregg Kato did a review of Orp during our Kickstarter campaign and he followed up
with a riding review of the production product.   Its an awesome review.
He shows our demo video and  and Orp’s directions and he uses it on a Mountain Bike
and likes it!

 We  know Orp is good for  for MTBers as you need to alert other riders  and runners
 on shared trails that you’re coming around that turn.

My only complaints,  and this is only because I’m a complainer, are:
1. He calls Orp a light with a horn . We  say Orp is a Horn with a light.
2. Orp is a beacon light- (it says so right on the box), a “to be seen light” yet he’s  sort  of comparing  Orp to a ” light the way” light.

 Gregg clearly knows its a beacon as he says so several times in the article. Like I said I like to complain.
Overall great  review,  t hanks Gregg!

 Heres the link: Orp


100914 MTBR orp-on-trail

— Gregg Kato, MTBR

Holy Cow! Orp got into the Wall Street Journal this  last weekend.
Short, sweet and to the Point. Thanks WSJ!
This issue is a two day edition running both Saturday and Sunday so you get
a double dose of Orp goodness.
We  provided the Orp photo and the WSJ team tilted it.  I wish we had thought of that.



— Loren Mooney, The Wall Street Journal

Orp gets  in a story with 4 other bike bells { yeah I know, we’re a light as well}
 in this prestigious british journal. Clearly Orp is the  best of the  bunch (  …Ok I’m saying that).

— Susannah Butter, London Evening Standard

Kent’s Bike Blog gives Orp a second review as he gave Orp a positive mention during  Orp’s Kicksatrter campaign and this time it was with real  life production Orps.
Kent’s  review also helped Orp get  on Amazon’s review radar as well. So far so good.
Thanks Kent! You can read the whole review here.
kents bike blogkbyr200

— KentPeterson, Kent's Bike Blog

Wholly cow! I think this is the  second time Orp has gotten covered by  Bicycling.  This time they actually had a production Orp so it really means something.
We are super thankful.  Thanks Bicycling!  Orp gets showcased as a Gear Of The Day winner and gets a big thumbs up from  user/ writer Emily Furla.

Depending on your device you can click-on this image
and it will enlarge for easy reading,
072414 Bicycling Mag Review

— Emily Furla, Bicycling Magazine

This is  the second  article that the Oregonian has run that includes Orp. The first one was during our Kickstarter campaign  and that was awesome.
A big thanks to DK Rowe of the Oregonian.

This one  is follow up article about some of the local Portland crowd funding projects.
Orp made the front page.  Thanks to the Kickstarter backers,  Orp did pretty well.

071314 Oregonian KS
This yellowish grey thing is an image of a newspaper. It’s a printed physical thing.

— Michael Francis, The Oregonian

NYCE  Wheels is a retail Bike shop in NYC and  they did an incredibly great YOU TUBE video review of Orp here.
It’s really  thorough  and pretty funny at the end.
Kind of makes us at Orp feel a little flat footed as we need to  do a video like this!

071314 NYCE Jpeg of video

— Peter, NYCE Wheels

Suburban Assault posted a a great review of Orp.
The blog’s author  was an early Orp adopter on Kickstarter.
Thanks SA!


— Dick David, Suburban Assault

This is the second time  Stevil  has given Orp a look.  AHTBM had given the Orp concept a thumbs up during the Kickstarter campaign and  this time  he had real production units in his possession.
His Orp review  is really mostly about  the author,  of course,  but he put some nice pictures  of  Orp in the piece so I’m returning the favor.
The thing that ‘s cool about AHTBM is that the blog’s author,  Stevil Kinevil,  is a real bike industry veteran and he  doesn’t pull any punches.

AHTBM main_header

IMG_1914-767x1024 stevil KinevilMG_0425-1024x682


The Collective Loop is a place where art, design, music, technology and more collectively loop.
This is the website’s self describer and it’s a good curator of cool stuff. We are certainly honored to be recognized.
Same story, they love Orp. Their quote is: ” this thing is Orptastic”. Thanks Collective Loop!
Collective Loop orpbikehornlight

— Orlando Valverde, The Collective Loop

The July issue of Men’s Journal  features  Orp’s baby blues, err, bright surface mount yellow LEDs and Orp’s toned Snot Green Skin  in the WHAT’S NEW Section.
Its a pretty long  article (OK, not really), but long story short: they  like  Orp and say its a must have!

— MJ Staff, Men's Journal

Orp made the first  photo entry in Zach Schildshorn‘s {great name, by the way, but Orps are for everyone} article about alternative transportation post the Segway.
 Mr. Schildshorn explains that the bicycle has very quickly become the  transportation alternative to the car and that several entrepreneurs have embraced this fact
 to make the bike  safer or better somehow. Here’s the link and here’s the author.

Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontbetterZack Childshorn

— Zach Schildshorn, Forbes

Pedal NC gives  a production Orp a great review.
Here’s a little of waht Jertemy wrote:

“On the other occasions they… well… they popped their head up!  The combination between pleasant sound and flashing light is just the perfect culmination of safety needed on a bike.  But when we quit pushing the trigger up, and started pulling it down, the quickness of the head turns was much more noticeable.  Even the passing cars would tap their brakes as I sounded the horn.  It was an amazing experience to say the least.”

Pedal NC Header1

— Jeremy, Pedal NC

Orp  early production samples  gets in  the  January 2014 Road Bike Action’s Best of the Best column!
Road Bike Action Orp

— Editor, Road Bike Action

Orp was on NBC’s  The Today Show this morning in a segment that highlighted new innovative products.The presenter didn’t exaxctly get Orp’s functions  or  price right,
but it was totally great to have Orp there.   Anchors Carson Daly and  Tamron Hall  certainly had fun with Orp on the set.
042563 Today show300x225_536036a7400bf

— Tamron Hall, NBC's The Today Show

Orp  featured in Outside Magazine’s May issue as one of “five smart inventions” for 2014!


— Ed Itor, Outside Magazine

All Season Cyclist (ASC) is a great site filled with great reviews from a committed  cyclist in North East Illinois.
 The author rides year round and  says if you have the right gear, weather is never an issue.
 Of late, he averages 6000 or so miles per year on his bike.
ASC gives Orp a great review and  really raises expectations. Thanks, I think.

071314 ASC 2

— Author, All Season Cyclist

MTBR is by mountain bikers and for mountain bikers and they   got a preview of Orp when we
 had pre-production samples. Here’s the story.
 What’s important here is Orp is not only for the road.  How many times have you almost run over a runner
 on a shared trail? With Orp  you can warn runners, hikers and slower rider as you approach blind turns.


— Gregg Kato, MTBR

Orp  gets a great review  in Cool Hunting. This website covers  products and projects that they deem as  being nicely designed.

cool hunting logo

— James Thorne, Cool Hunting

Orp gets a positive  nod in Gizmodo. Awesome!
121813 Gizmodo Orp

— Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo  is a website by and for triathletes.  ST had  pre-production samples and gave Orp  a comprehensive look.
Really an excellent article  with lots of great graphics! Ok, so the art was all lifted from the Kickstarter campaign. but still, super great.

slow twitch logo

— Greg Kopecky,

Orp was included in this prestigious list of the top bike accessories  at the end of the 2013.
We were still in the Kickstarter campaign at this point.


— T.J. Carlin, Popular Mechanics

Orp gets in the Grey Lady! That’s what old people call the New York Times.
Here’s the article.  Special thanks to Jonathan Lansey of Loud Bicycle as I think he helped get this story to happen.
The article covers all the innovation happening in  making cyclists more visible.



Core 77 came back to cover Orp a few weeks later as were were close to ending the campaign successfully.
It is super nice of them to to give us high marks for showing  some of the design process; although, they did call Orzeck  a veteran designer- ouch.

— hipstomp / Rain Noe, Core 77

Orp gets great coverage  on Tech Crunch. I think the author is confusing Middle Earth’s Orcs with Orps,
but regardless, we  appreciate the   positive story.


— John Biggs, TechCrunch

Orp made the product spotlight of Paved Magazine! Paved  is part of BIKE magazine now.
We don’t care , were just glad to be hear, I mean,  here.

— Kevin Rouse, Bike Magazine/Paved Magazine

Orp makes Wired magazine!


— Dave Banks, Wired

Core 77 is a website  by and for mostly industrial designers but mow covers multiple aspects of design.
They covered Orp in this first article during the  Kickstarter campaign.


— Hipstomp / Rain Noe, Core 77

“And I love Orp! I’ve been in a number of situations before when I wish I had something like it so I’m excited it could become a reality.”

— Will Vanue, Publisher,

I ring my bell all the time, but it’s not loud enough! I sometimes want a real horn, especially around cars. The Orp looks really promising and could help level the playing field out on the roads.

— Jonathan Maus,